Corporate Branding and Consumers on Social Media

A deeper look at the networks

Social media plays an increasingly crucial role in brand communication. The importance of social media goes beyond product brands: it is also relevant to how companies execute their corporate branding strategies and communicate their brand portfolio online. The relevance of social media for corporate branding is often recognized by consumers. As the SWOCC publication 73 Corporate branding and consumers shows, what Dutch consumers read about companies and corporate brands on social media influences how they feel about and evaluate product brands.

SWOCC has now completed an additional publication, Corporate Branding and Consumers on Social Media (available to benefactors), exploring how companies can leverage their corporate brand in product brand communication on social media, including an analysis of consumer-related activities and of key decisions that companies should consider when setting up or reassessing their social media activities to leverage the corporate brand. We show here an interactive version of the network analyses presented in the publication.

Seeing the networks through the tweets

Consumers and other stakeholders use social media to talk about brands and companies, and do so by interacting directly with a company account, talking to others about the company or one of its brands, or retweeting messages from or about company accounts. Adopting a , we can see how these activities are articulated in a network of connections, in which each mention, retweet or reply is shown as a connection between two users. In these networks, however, not all users are connected to each other and we can see how groups of users that are highly connected to each other, but not to other users, start to emerge.

Here you can find the interactive versions of the formed around . These networks show the different groups that emerge from the activity between users about a company and its brands. Select the company to view its network.

Corporate Branding on Social Media

This online report is part of the Corporate Branding and Consumers on Social Media by Theo Araujo, Assistant Professor in Corporate Communication at the University of Amsterdam.